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Houston Cap & Crown Repair

You likely have a cap and crown installed on your chimney if over time, your chimney became too hard to maintain, or if you no longer want your brick masonry chimney to operate fully. If you need chimney repair, as well as chimney installation at Mr. Chimney Sweep TX, feel free to call us at any time. Because we know how to build chimneys and how structures are constructed. By doing this, we are able to determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to fix all potential damage before it becomes costly.

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Freeze-Thaw Damage Repair

The most common damage the team at Mr. Chimney Sweep TX is called to repair is freeze-thaw damage repair, especially in areas with extreme weather. Because of the different seasons, the cap and crown may be affected in both quality and durability. Damages are inevitable due to constant exposure to the environment, but can still be easily and affordably repaired. Particularly when you work with us here at Mr. Chimney Sweep TX. Furthermore, we can make it even more affordable if you also need other services such as dryer vent cleaning Houston TX or Masonry Repair Houston TX.

New Cap Coat

You can use a cap to keep the airflow in your chimney and to ensure that a lot of materials or particles do not accumulate. However, may require chimney cap repair over time. A new cap coat is often able to solve the problem. Here at Mr. Chimney Sweep TX we have worked with a local manufacturer to develop a topcoat that is durable and will last longer than other cap coat suppliers. If a topcoat is not enough, do not be concerned. The cap can be replaced in no time, and at an affordable price too!

New Crown Coat

The crown of your chimney is more susceptible to extensive damage than the cap because it is larger and has a larger surface area. We here at Mr. Chimney Sweep TX can apply a product that will provide your crown with a new coat of protection when you hire us to repair these damages. You may still need additional repairs in some cases, and that is not a problem at all! We are able to complete the work quickly. This is because our team is composed of highly trained professionals who offer a wide range of services, such as chimney lining service in Houston TX.

Durable Duties

Our work and our duties are sure to be durable for many years to come. Our company goes the extra mile because we assess everything before getting started. Taking this extra step ensures that we are addressing the root of the problem, and not simply providing a bandage solution that is unreliable. We recognize that our work takes up your time and money, so we always respect that. We work efficiently, effectively, and pay attention to detail at all times.

Cap & Crown Repair FAQs

The cost of repairing the chimney crown itself can range from $150 to $300 on average cost. On the other hand, a full replacement can cost you between $220 and $2000. Leaving a crown on that requires repair can cause structural damage to the fireplace, which will also require replacement.

Concrete chimney caps cover the top of the flue and prevent sparks from escaping while protecting against water and wildlife. Generally, the cap is installed directly onto the crown of brick chimneys. In the same way, the concrete crown is like the chase cover.

A high-quality chimney crown can last anywhere from 50 to 75 years. A poorly constructed crown, on the other hand, could fail in less than 20 years and cost much more to replace than one that is constructed correctly.

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Over the years, we have trained our business team and developed our services to suit your needs. As part of our commitment to offering these services, we also recognize we need to pay close attention and devote ourselves fully to each customer.

It is our goal to meet your needs by providing friendly and trustworthy service providers. You may contact us if you would like an insurance estimate or service to remove a chimney blockage. When compared to other companies, we feature an exceptional team, competitive pricing, and top-notch services.

Chimney Sweep in Houston Texas

Improve your home’s air flow and prevent hazards caused by soot buildup and obstructions by scheduling regular maintenance and cleaning.

Annual Chimney Inspection in Houston Texas

Wood-burning and oil-burning chimneys must be inspected annually. We will look for oil and gas violations during the chimney inspection.

Chimney Rebuilds in Houston Texas

Among our repair services is filling chimney cracks and restoring the structural integrity of the masonry chimney. We can provide our services regardless of the condition of your chimney repair.

Cap Crown Repair in Houston Texas

Stainless steel chimney caps prevent rain, snow, animals, leaves, water damage, and other debris from entering your chimney.

Chimney Crown Installations in Houston Texas

Regardless of whether you burn gas, oil, or solids in your chimney, a flue liner is essential for routing combustible materials out and away from your exposed brick or stone.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Houston Texas

Dryer vents are easy to overlook, but cleaning them regularly is integral to ensuring your home is safe and clean.

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